Curaytor for WordPress

Let me say right off the bat — we LOVE Curaytor and what founder Chris Smith is doing for real estate agents with his company's website platform, integration with Follow Up Boss, Facebook advertising and email drip marketing. There are however some critics of the hugely successful digital marketing agency for real estate agents. The primary complaints we hear are that the service is too expensive and based on a proprietary platform that is leased not owned. We asked ourselves if we could create a similar platform that essentially provides Curaytor for WordPress design and functionality with WordPress plugins, themes and integrations. Review some screenshots below and see how we did. By the way — we don't call it "Curaytor for WordPress", we call it "AGENTS WAY".

Let's start with the basic websites. Curaytor offers a very clean and simple to navigate site that is fully responsive.  So do we at AGENTS WAY.

sample curaytor website
Curaytor - Live Love Homes
typical agents way site
Agents Way - NP Sotheby's Realty Farm site

Both sites contain essentially the same types of content pages:

  • Search
  • Featured listings
  • Selling/Home values
  • Testimonials
  • About
  • Blog

Both also feature numerous calls to action and integration with CRM and email list:

  • Contact form
  • Learn more about this listing
  • Schedule a showing
  • Follow Up Boss integration
  • MailChimp or equivalent integration

Both feature easy to use integrated IDX with clean presentation, property details, lead capture and flexible search.

property search features of agentsway sites
Agents Way Property Search
curyator idx search
Curaytor Property Search

Both Curaytor and AGENTS WAY offer Facebook ad advice, design and management.

So where do the platforms differ?

Curaytor's platform is designed to capture leads driven to the site by Facebook. The resulting sites are not designed to grow organic traffic and lack certain SEO fine-tuning and hyperlocal market focus. AGENTS WAY sites include built in SEO coaching from Yoast and include hyperlocal community and neighborhood pages. Our clients will rank in local searches and receive organic traffic.

Curaytor's platform is proprietary and is leased not owned. Cancel your service and your website is gone. AGENTS WAY's platform is based on open-source WordPress. You buy your site and if you leave your site is yours to take with you. We also offer site financing with a twelve month contract.

Curaytor packages range from $1475 - $1875 per month plus a required monthly minimum Facebook ad spend of $500 per zip code. AGENTS WAY offers ala carte pricing with discounts for monthly bundles and you set the ad budget that you are comfortable with.

Curaytor sites are all essentially the same design and layout. AGENTS WAY sites offer more design and layout customization.

You can't lose with Curaytor or AGENTS WAY — both companies were founded by experienced real estate and digital marketing experts who coincidentally are both named Chris Smith.

With either platform your site, lead capture, CRM integration, protected territory and coupled Facebook landing pages are all built-in. Properly setup and optimized both platforms support the best practices and strategies as laid out in the best selling book "The Conversion Code" by Curaytor founder Chris Smith and will deliver similar results. With AGENTS WAY you have the peace of mind of owning your website and save lots of money.

"Conversations create closes." — Chris Smith


We only work with one agent or group per zip code!